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EP REVIEW: Theo Vandenhoff - In The Throes Of Love

Theo Vandenhoff began as a solo venture in a living room studio in Toronto, Canada, and has since become renowned for producing a haunting, gothic New Wave sound that combines retro influences with a modern artistic flair. Vandenhoff’s sophomore EP 'In The Throes Of Love' acts as a sort of timestamp, capturing the essence of their sound in this very moment and showcasing the very best qualities that they have to offer whilst tackling lyrical subjects of life, loss and love.

The title track and EP opener sets the tone for the subsequent tracks perfectly, gliding open with a hypnotic guitar line and silky drum rhythm before a glimmering array of synths pepper the song with a 80s-infused, poignant air. It sounds like a gothic, Bedroom Pop take on Joy Division and is beautifully entrancing.

'Temper' follows with a more angsty sound, permeating with a jittery unrest, again reminiscent of Ian Curtis's work. The vocals are punchy and direct in the earlier stages, later becoming somewhat hidden in this track as the dense instrumentals take over; whirring, fuzzy electronics and momentary burst of thrashing Punk Rock intensity. The sharp, free-flowing saxophone performance really elevates the track, injecting a vibrant mystique and abstract flair. In fact, this sax has the same effect on the more expansive serenade of 'Rosetta', adding a cinematic romance to the sound comparable to Spector in moments.

'Evening Star' is another hypnotic track built off a rolling energy that will suck you into the middle of Vandenhoff's Post-Punk whirlpool. However, in our opinion, the best is saved till last. The EP's closer 'Eternity (Looking Skyward)' dances between a dreamy, Bowie-esc ballad and an in-your-face angsty expression with tangled guitar lines and swirling synths and the occasional, passionate screech to really hit home the emotion packed into the lyrics.

If you want to be transported into a gloomy world of nostalgic Post-Punk poeticism then this EP is for you!


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