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EP REVIEW: Rossa Murray and the blowin’ winds - 'who really wants to get clean - part 2'

Known for their captivating live performances and ability to dance between organic Indie sounds and warm Folk introspection, Rossa Murray and the blowin’ winds invite you inside a wonderfully immersive, complex and comforting journey on their new EP 'who really wants to get clean - part 2' out on September 29th. As the name suggests, the EP is thematically tied to another collection of songs released last year and, although understanding this new release in the context of the first EP does enhance the sonic journey, it is not a necessity to fully enjoy the 6-track selection on part 2. In comparison to the first EP, these songs offer a more hopeful, soothing sound rather than the troubled contemplations that flowed through those earlier tracks.

‘It’s Only Rain’ is the perfect example of this more optimistic outlook as it still deals with some very negative themes of mistakes made in the past, yet rather than dwelling to long on these mistakes, the jaunty Indie energy and laid-back back, breezy melody of the chorus makes you feel as the speaker is starting to come to terms with their past. It is an understated track with a coastal air and a slacker energy yet the effect of the catchy instrumental tones and hypnotic vocal lines grow by the second and leave a lasting impression once the song’s finale has played out.

The opening instrumental track ‘Buenas’ and the closing, title track ‘who really wants to get clean’ still offer moments for exploring the depths of melancholia. The former highlights the band’s master of arrangement, weaving a rich array of guitar lines together to create a swirling soundscape while the latter showcases their emotive power, delivering a raw piano ballad filled with heartache that wraps up the two EP’s. Leaving this title track to the very end is an astute placement as, in the trajectory of the collective 12 tracks, it feels as though the thoughts of this final song are what inspired every other song, yet it wasn’t until dealing with all the consequential emotions and side effects of said subject matter that they felt open enough to express their true emotions.

‘Amsterdam’ is filled with some beautifully laid-back, lo-fi tones that lure you into a cosy dream-state. On the other hand, ‘Bffs’ is the most energetic song on the EP, using the same, earthy tones and warm production that flow throughout all tracks yet implementing a bright Indie guitar line that tangles itself around the lyrics and a bouncy drum rhythm that injects a wonderful energy. This track has a really fun, audible camaraderie thanks to the multiple vocal layers and produces an uplifting mid-point in the EP. ‘San Francisco Has Her Now’ follows with another joyful, campfire singalong that exudes a care-free spirit and provides a well balanced counterweight to the aforementioned closing track that is about to come.

A really well rounded 6-track collection, this 2nd EP completes the ‘who really wants to get clean’ journey in poignant fashion, playing with a whole range of emotions and beautifully providing closure to the thematic evolution.


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