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London trio PLAY DEAD are next up in the line on of wonderfully angst-fuelled modern Post-Punk acts armed with a lyrical wit and societal frustration that makes their music both fun an flippant at moments, and direct and poignant in other moments. Their new EP 'Fly On The Wall' showcases some of their best work to date in a track barrage of Garage Rock fury and in-your-face vocal outbursts.

Photo Credit: Alfie Bungay

As soon as the harsh, crunching riff of opening track ‘Thameslink’ kicks in, you know you are in for a wild ride! You wait with anticipation for the inevitable pounding drum beat and you are not disappointed! A blood-thirsty dose of frantic, fuzzy Indie Rock that will tempt you into the mosh pit in seconds. The vocals have a scrappy drawl to them and ring of mid 00s Indie with tales of nights out and free-spirited youth. They incite an infectiously lairy attitude akin to Arctic Monkeys' first record or the urban storytelling swagger of The Streets. When the chorus kicks in, the whole band unite in singing the chanting vocal lines, adding to this fun-hearted, messy intensity.

'All In My Head' has a more, straight-to-the-vein aggression and sonic fury that rings of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes or SOFT PLAY. It never relents, slapping you across the face with a Punk intensity whether you like it or not. On the other hand, has a more fun-loving, Blur like groove to it. It leaves spaces for more stripped-back, bass-driven sections that allow the spoken word vocals to speak with a playful cocksure attitude.

Closing tracks 'Body Image' and 'Damian Hirst Stole My Art' both have a thrasing energy to them. The latter is one of the EP highlights, flicking between a vibrant instrumental groove with sharp guitar stabs and a dense onslaught of Punk energy showcasing both sides of their appeal. All the while, unique lyrical ideas spin a bizarre tale. This is one of our favourite EP's of the year so far!


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