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EP REVIEW: Philine Sonny - Invader

Philine Sonny has quickly become one of Europe's most exciting Indie Pop acts. First starting with a more intimate sound that showcased her vocal prowess, her style has grown into a confident, swagger-filled expression of youthful dilemmas and self reflection.

Her new EP 'Invader' has made a clear statement, full of Indie bangers as well as moments of quiet intimacy. 'Drugs' and 'In Denial' are staright up hits, oozing with the quirky confidence of Wet Leg and the warm, flowing melodies of Sam Fender. The 'Stranger In Your Living Room' demo provides a more angelic, textural sound that hints at her earliest work. The floating atmospherics are entrancing, drawing you into the emotive depths of her vocals. It acts as a beautiful breather that sheds a light on the richness of her vocal talents.

'Take A While' brings a slick groove to the EP before rising into a soaring chorus filled with majesty and 'Lovely' sees Philine take to the piano for a heartfelt finale. You can really get a sense of all aspects of her appeal on this EP! So dig in and discover one of the best new European acts out there!


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