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EP REVIEW: Peach Luffe - Honey

Romance and dreamy soundscapes are in abundance on the new EP from renowned Bedroom Pop artist Peach Luffe. 'Honey', out March 8th, is a sunny six track collection of songs to brighten your day. With sounds as sweet as its title, the EP feels purpose built for Summer dates with your loved one and hazy afternoons laying back without a care in the world.

Photo Credit: Alex Lam

The light hearted, electro beat and natural acoustic tones of opening track 'Quite Like You' create a carefree feeling during the verses. Yet, the chorus enters a whole other dimension, spiralling into a spaced out, slightly psychedelic soundscape laced with gran string sections and a swooping drum rhythm. This chorus exudes a tranquil romance that you can find yourself getting lost in - truly beautiful!

'Honeymoon' is a standout, again utilising a velvety string section to create a cinematic romance. The soulful guitar tones inject a swagger to the track but what really shines are the vocals that land ever so smoothly that you can't help but be entranced.

The jaunt of 'Smile' offers perhaps the catchiest moments on the EP and 'Wondering' brings things to a close with a wonderfully gentle finale as if you are drifting back down to earth after an angelic experience.

A fantastic EP you can immerse yourself in and feel wholly more positive on the other side.


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