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The outspoken, angsty newcomer LXSTBØY has laid out his intentions straight away with his debut EP 'JACKAL'.

The four track collection blends high-octane, modern rhythms and elements of Rap and Hip-Hop with classic Punk sensibilities. He makes music made for the marginalised and the frustrated to dance to, building up layer upon layer of gritty Rock guitar riffs and supercharged electro beats to create a ferocious yet dance worthy blend with so much sonic depth. 

The title track combines the ferocious riffs of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and SOFT PLAY with a menacing, Alternative vocal style that is sharp and in-your-face in the verses and aggressive yet super catchy in the chorus. The electronic build up in the finale has hints of The Prodigy as the tight drum beat bursts open into a frantic Electro Punk explosion perfect for a moshpit.

Another standout on the EP is 'Are You Lost Like Me?', a track with a more natural finish to it, opting for deep rolling drums rather than the more produced electro sound. This allows the bite of the lyrics to shine through even more, casting an angsty air over the song while remaining undeniably catchy yet again.

This blend of visceral Punk harshness and earworming chorus' makes for an irresistible combination that we can't get enough of!


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