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EP REVIEW: Laundry Boys - Yatzy Music Vol.1

A concept artist about a hypnotic laundromat may not have been what you expected to discover in 2023, yet dreamy Indie Pop newcomers Laundry Boys have treated you with just that! Their music is designed to entrance you into a lucid, sonic state that will make you forget all your worries and let your mind drift away.

Their debut EP 'Yatzy Music Vol.1', out November 16th, does just that, using slick, steady grooves and rich instrumental tapestries to immersive you in their smooth Indie energy. The deep, reverberant vocals that echo throughout the EP constantly create a dreamy, floating affect while the gentle, funky guitar lines and electronic textures create a rich bed of soothing sounds.

The EP actually gets increasingly captivating as it goes on. The first two tracks really set the scene but track three, 'Praise You', is a definite stand out thanks to the crunchy percussion, crisp riff, thick bass line and uplifting chorus which sees the most expressive and catchy vocal lines on the EP.

Closing song, 'Giving Up On Love', also leaves a strong impression as it is the most poignant moment of the EP, allowing the echoed soundscapes to ruminate with a lamenting melancholia.

This is really an EP to get lost in so dive in head first on November 16th and let the hypnotic laundromat dreamland take you for a spin.


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