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EP REVIEW: Grizfolk - Sign Of The Times

American quartet Grizfolk have been riding at the top of the Folk Pop world for a decade now, first breaking onto the scene with their 2014 EP 'From The Spark'. Perhaps appropriately, 10 years on, they are returning with a brand new EP 'Sign Of The Times'; (out March 8th) an EP that showcases their growth over the years and highlights the power of their songwriting talents.

The opening and title track doesn't take long to demonstrate why they are held to such high esteem in the Folk world. The warm hum of electronics provide a poignant background texture that immediately creates a sense of cinematic depth and emotional importance. The vocals are warm and earthy with moments of expressive inflections hinting at their more powerful and commercial sound which soon comes in the form of the anthemic chorus.

This chorus packs in everything that makes Grizfolk so loveable. The natural acoustic sounds are bolstered by a solid bass groove and a huge drum sound that creates a stadium-ready anthemic atmosphere. The rich piano tones add even more depth and emotion into the mix while the vocals soar! This is a statement track that will hit you hard and opens up the EP in style.

'Paper Cranes' is a more delicate and intimate track but filled with beautifully slick melodies that cast a tranquil air. 'Decoy' almost strays completely away from their Folk origins to deliver a swagger-filled Indie Rock sound more akin to the likes of Imagine Dragons.

'Medicine Man' has a slick Blues Rock groove to it that makes us think of The Black Keys. This is probably our favourite track on the EP as it showcases their swagger, catchy songwriting and electronic experimentation all in one infectious track!

'Gold' then closes proceedings with a fantastically atmospheric finale full of swirling electro textures adding the final touch to a wonderfully diverse EP that acts as a great entry point for any Grizfolk newcomers.


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