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EP REVIEW: Cassia - Home Soon...

Perhaps the kings of sunny indie bangers, Cassia are back with their brand new EP to brighten your day and inject some warmth into your cold winter blues. The 5-track collection ‘Home Soon…’ is full of infectious melodies, smooth harmonies and vibrant Indie Pop instrumentals. 

Opening track ‘Find My Way Round’ is a relatively chilled track, built for a poolside chillout session. Yet, they always find a way to make things even more flavoursome and on this occasion they do this thorough the use of subtle additions such as the hand drum sounds and call of birds which both make you feel like you’re on a tropical island!

‘Circular Motion’ sees them team up with fellow Indie giants KAWALA and the result is as slick and catchy as your expect!

The acoustic swing of ‘Gamma Rays’ brings to mind summer pop anthems such as the fillous X James Hersey collab ‘Hard I Try’ or the Deepend remix of Matt Simmons’ ‘Catch & Release’. The guitar tone is wonderfully rich and and bright, filled with a powerful and positive energy.

The subtle flow of ‘whatstheuse’ showcases their vocal harmonies and the skill of their production as, once again, it is the subtle instrumental additions that make the sound so full and hypnotic.

Finally, ‘High Tones’ brings things to a close with a silky Indie Soul vibe that oozes swagger and the vocal call and response creates the camaraderie of an Easy Life tune. 

Each track is wonderfully summery and undeniably catchy. Just pure, sunshine indie built for a good time.


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