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EP REVIEW: Adult Play - Deep Recess Dial Up Despair

Adult Play are on of our favourite discoveries of the year so far! Their brand new EP ‘Deep Recess Dial Up Despair’ is absolutely bursting with flavour thanks to its bright and inventive Post-Punk, Indie Rock blend that mixes groovy instrumentation with an insatiable attitude and infectious swagger.

‘See Me Now’ has a tight Electro Punk tension to it, rolling along with its crunchy beat, deep bass lines and slack jawed vocal style. Little electronic subtitles give the vibrant edge of Home Counties while the groove and vocal flow has hints of Slow Thai in a style comparable to fellow newcomer Humane The Moon.

‘10 Traits every successful person has’ dips and dives between a loose Indie flow and a more abstract Art Rock groove that bursts with angst and expression. ‘Know It All’ experiments with this changing nature too by leading with a fun yet pretty easy going Indie rhythm and understated Melodies before opening up into a wonderfully eclectic percussive led Funk Dance party! The uniquely exciting drum sounds and catchy vocal calls remind us of Folly Group. This track is probably the best advert for their sound.

The finale of the EP however, offers what is probably the most memorable vocal line as the “hey not easy” of the chorus will stick with you long after the track finishes and we put it to anyone to hear the chorus without wanting to join in!

A fantastic EP full of instrumentation excitement and vocal swagger.


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