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Electro Pop songwriter SAER releases powerful anthem 'Spectrum'!

Perhaps best known for his unforgettable performance of Harry Styles’ ‘Sign Of The Times’, singer, songwriter and producer SAER has been captivating audiences with his expressive electronica sounds for over half a decade. 

Always promoting diversity and free expression, emotion lies at the heart of everything that he writes, often creating soundscapes filled with a soaring drama worthy of a film soundtrack finale and offering vocals bursting with passion.

His new single, ‘Spectrum’, a track that explores neurodiversity, is no different, offering a range of different atmospheres that showcase his different qualities. The intro instantly sets the tone by allowing a deep electronic hum to overwhelm the more gentle synth notes, immediately highlighting the track’s blend between soothing introspection and soaring expressionism. 

The verse is hugely atmospheric as electronic layers swirl around, slipping you into a trance. The energy then builds as a grittier, Rock guitar line creeps in preparing you for the chorus…and this chorus is anthemic.

The melodies are infectious and the supercharged Indie Pop / Electro sound is all consuming. Yet, as with many of his releases, the sheer passion and crisp, high notes of his vocals steal the show.

The power and poignancy is immense, blending with the electronic tones to create a super slick combination of tones and textures that hits hard yet has a melodic and technical finesse.

This is a great example of what SAER is so renowned as a songwriter and performer.


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