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Electrifying Pop-Rock duo Wyonna release new single 'Tell Me What Comes After'!

In an interview for Licks Magazine, Natalie described the pop-duo Wynona (comprising herself and her partner Rich) as, "A band conceived in Osaka. Developed in transit". When the Covid pandemic forced the pair back to the UK, they began to pursue their musical aspirations. Certainly, the dreamy, meandering tone of their latest single, ‘Tell Me What Comes After’ captures this rootlessness.

The song is a nostalgic love letter to the 90s, uplifted by the familiar buoyancy of electric guitars and an airy vocal layer which pairs perfectly with the melody. "It’s not like we’re getting younger" the lyrics say, trapped between a rapidly-fading past and an uncertain future: a universal experience which sweeps every listener into its orbit. The entire song hums with longing, promise and wistfulness. 

Parts of the song are stripped back and melodic while others are charged with emotional intensity. The result is an eclectic mix, hazy, carefree, bound together with the gentle thrum of guitar. During the bridge, a noticeable shift occurs in both the vocals and the melody. Something reflective and aching overcomes the music, emotions flickering just below the surface. Yet, this is dispelled as rapidly as it descends, dispersing into a musical miasma like a daydream. This is a song about the recollections of a stranger which we can only grope for amidst a vintage soundscape.

Sink into this comforting single and allow yourself to be enveloped by reminiscence.


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