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Drook offer eclectic electro pop and blissful vocal displays on their new EP 'Life In Estates'

Operating out of Virginia, USA, eclectic Indie outfit Drook have just dropped their new EP 'Life In Estates'. After going quiet in 2021, they returned triumphantly earlier this year with the dreamy, sunshine single 'Soap'. The track is almost trance like as drifting vocal layers slide in and out of earshot, wrapping around you with a sonic caress. Next up was 'She', a slicker, more refined reimagining of their 2019 single and a euphoric number. However, these tracks were just teasers for their bigger project, the new EP.

The aforementioned singles are definite highlights on the 6-track release but every song offers its own unique qualities to create really varied and consistently high quality EP. The opener 'Habitual Pressure' begins with an emotive, spaced out atmosphere that breathes deep tranquility. However, it grows and develops into a rolling electro pop groove that will get your hips swaying for sure. 'Space Boyfriend' is a very cinematic piece with lots of swirling background textures that build a dense and immersive atmosphere. 'Dummy' is moodier cut, full of dramatic swagger as the bold vocals push through a slew of fuzzy electronics. Some of the vocal lines in this track really steal the show! Finally, the title track closes the EP with the most uplifting song of the lot. Very smooth Indie sounds that fans of Wolf Alice will love combine with a soaring, care free chorus to see out the EP with an uplifting sonic freedom.


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