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Dom Malin - Wake Up

One of Dom Malin's biggest tracks 'Yesterday's Love' is a good place to start to highlight the qualities he hold's dear. The Midlands solo artist has a deep appreciation for honest songwriting. His voice has an unfiltered charm to it and has a rich folky tone that is both smooth and rousing. The music video also gives an indication of his love for the earthy aesthetic that his latest single 'Wake Up' carries forward.

The smooth deep hum that makes up the track's melody is rich and so natural that it feels like it is being channeled through the earth. This richness is then offset by a cleaner and more punchy lyrical display which sets the stage nicely in the verses before popping out the super catchy title line 'Wake Up' which signals for that infectious vocal melody to enter once again. His vocals are complimented by a slick Indie funk guitar riff that is subtle yet adds a lovely care free layer and a fun danceable quality. The track is pretty short and sweet but over the 2 minutes it manages to let that melody to quickly grow on you so by the time a quick fuzz of guitar proceeds one final big humming chorus you can't help but sing a long and wish you were listening while having late night summer beach parties. For an artist that normally focuses on deep thoughtful emotives this is a great example that Dom knows how to make a slick Indie Pop banger too and acts as a great new addition of versatility into his discography.


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