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  • Eve Waterhouse

Discover the warming nostalgic Indie of Leeds newcomers Ophelia!

Originally from Leeds, Opheliah is a band that pays attention to the quieter, unseen moments in life. Their nostalgic, down-to-earth tone places the band into a brand of Alternative Indie music, with their latest release ‘Hunters’ exploring just that. A positively summery and free-spirited song, the band said that the the single is a song "loving someone very much" and this really shines through in the chorus.

The four-piece, made up of long-time friends, takes inspiration from the likes of The Beach Boys. The natural imagery and motif of love plays into the things we take for granted throughout the song, the beauty of the small things in life. The simplistic set-up of the song sends a message of love as plainly as possible, embellished by George Harrison esc guitar licks that create a feeling of serenity.


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