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Discover the uplifting new Indie EP from Lost In Japan

Canadian indie quartet Lost In Japan radiate a feel-good brightness on their new EP ‘Night Talks, Pt 1’. After a string of singles following their debut album back in 2018, the band have built a strong local following in Ontario and this EP acts as a statement of where the band are heading in their next chapter. ‘Tonight’ opens the EP with a an intimate vocal that immediately draws your attention in before bursting open into a feel-good festival-ready bop.

‘Red Line’ is the standout moment on the EP, combing the funky fuzz-fuelled riff & drum rhythm with an expressionistic vocal flair that is hard not to be imbued by. The track leaves room for an angsty middle 8 and a contemplative pre chorus, bending all emotions into a short space of time to make a fantastic indie hit. The chorus of ‘On My Way’ is perhaps the most crisp and bouncy number on the EP that flavours an energetic ramble with a piercingly high vocal register. This EP has confirmed the band as one of Canada’s brightest indie prospects.


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