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Discover the uplifting Indie grooves of Oli Barton!

If you need some sparkling sunshine grooves to warm you from the inside and get you in the mood for the warmer months to come then look no further than Oli Barton and his new single ‘It’s Over Now’.

The track wastes new time injecting you with a feel-good energy, opening with a bouncy dance beat and funk-infused blend of overlapping guitar lines. The lead guitar in the verse has a wonderfully tight delivery, as single notes are picked with a flair and precision, almost bottling sonic tension up ready for you to dance in the euphoric chorus.

This chorus oozes with nothing but good energy. Vocally expressive and instrumentally vibrant, it’s hard not to want to get on your feet and move! Elements of disco combine with Indie tones to build up a sound that is equally danceworthy and funky.

The heavier rock out towards the end of the track adds another layer to the song and a final pay off for all that bottled tension!

A super fun track that feels perfect for a summer festival stage.


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