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Discover the sunny Indie Pop sounds of SOCKITTOME and his new single 'disguise'!

The slick Indie Pop sounds of SOCKITTOME are instantly infectious and over the past few years, his string of Bedroom bangers have been met with widespread praise. 2022's 'say i'm not sorry' has amassed close to half a million streams yet 2023 was a quieter year for the songwriter. However... he's back for 2024 with his brand new single 'disguise'.

By blending crisp guitar lines and punchy electro textures the song immediately bursts into life and enthrals you in a vibrant sonic world that is reminiscent of bands like Bad Sounds. Sunny backing harmonies are in abundance as a wide range of vocal lines combine together, sometimes simply to elevate the impact of the melodies but, at other times, to add a more Art Pop flair in a style similar to Everything Everything.

The chorus is supremely catchy, offering an infectious summer sound that will transport you away from these cold winter days and into a warm state of dance-inducing Indie energy.

We're hoping that there's more to come this year from SOCKITTOME because if he keeps going the way he is then he's going to become of the UK's most flavoursome Indie Pop hit makers.


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