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Discover the soulful Bedroom Pop of Eden Rain on her new single 'I Found My Brain'!

One of our favourite new songwriters is Eden Rain, a confident vocalist and all round cool character who pens Bedroom Pop bops filled with an appealing dose of hip-hop and r&b influences.

This combination creates songs that are both soulful and melodic and her new single ‘I Found My Brain’ is no different! The slick beat instantly creates a sultry vibe dripping with swagger even before Eden dives in with her super smooth vocal palette.

Artists like Olivia Dean spring to mind thanks to the warm, soulful vocal lines yet the chorus has a more definitively catchy melody that shows Eden’s commercial sensibilities. It is an underrated chorus that grows with each listen and it so hypnotic that by the end of the final chorus all you want to do is hit replay!

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