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  • Charlie Prosser

Discover the soothing, Indie-Surf sound of Giant and the George’s

The new song from Giant and the George’s is the perfect way to relive those halcyon Summer days of years gone past with a jangly, surf rock feel reminiscent of George Harrison or The Byrds. ‘Don’t remind me’ is a brilliantly produced, chilled out track which can be replayed over and over whilst in winter daydreaming of the warm summer sun or blasted out over the speakers whilst you take the first sip of a man ice cool drink in the summer sun which this song so brilliantly calls out to.

The verse has a brilliant minimalist feel to it with light cymbal heavy drums and a beautifully rounded bass tone creating and forming the flowing vibe, with the mellow and treble heavy tone on the guitar taking you along on a lilo across the pool of the angelic vocals which interweave with each other perfectly. Then the anthemic chorus comes in perfectly to remind you that summer days must also have summer nights. ‘Don’t remind  me’ reminds all who listens to have fun with the perfect blending of classic Pop riffs and Indie tone.


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