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Discover the silky, haunting tones of new songwriter Paris Paloma on her latest single 'drywall'!

Derbyshire born, London-based, Paloma released her debut single 'Narcissus' in 2020 and has since released an EP and a string of follow up singles, yet this new release 'drywall' is certainly our favourite yet.

Her previous single 'labour' is thematically similar, with lyrics that talk about a relationship that has run its course but it is tonally different to 'drywall'. “He’s punching walls again/Cohesive arguments evade him” she sings to open the song, her voice as smooth as rich chocolate.

Soft drums and a swinging acoustic guitar join her vocals and make up the production, which is quite sparse, but expertly crafted, making sure her words have the maximum impact. Paloma’s delivery is rather incredible, she sings in an almost light-hearted way in stark contrast to the emotive lyrics. This means that the song doesn’t feel heavy and allows the lyrics to slowly worm their way in to the listener’s mind.

“I used to think of him a caring thing/Knuckles on his drywall/I’ve tried all of the parenting/Descent into hysterically rippin’ into ribbons/The things he knows he isn’t and severing ties” Paloma sings boldly in the chorus with layers and textures to her voice that are captivating and bewitching.

'drywall' is a track that seems like it would be cathartic to sing, and the songwriting is eye-opening and poignant, as is anything she pens. It is a stunning, dazzling track that proves Paris Paloma is one of the most exciting talents on the Alternative scene today.


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