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Discover the rolling Indie energy of The Ritz and their new single 'Give Me A Sign'!

Burton Indie quartet The Ritz have arrived on the scene this year with two bright and energetic singles that you can't help but move to. The latest of which, 'Give Me A Sign', has an infectious, rolling rhythm to it that never relents and oozes with joyous spirit.

The riff that barrels out of the traps and opens up the track with frantic force feels like a combination of a mid 00s Arctic Monkeys style and a more retro, Surf-infused groove. This combination of the youthful energy of modern Indie and the soul of retro sounds is a mainstay throughout the song. The vocal blend showcases this to true effect as the lead vocal has the power and swagger of youth yet also the grandeur and command of more mature vocalists.

The bustling piano line adds an extra layer of excitement and creates a very full instrumental sound while the guitar solo later in the track is electrifying and injects the last ounce of ferocity to make this a soaring Indie anthem.

Nothing but fun from these Indie newcomers...and there'll be more to come in early 2024 so keep your eyes peeled.


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