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Discover the rising talents of Norwegian Indie songstress Bo Milli

Bo Milli has reached a new level with her most-recent single, ‘Good Kid’. The young Norwegian artist puts a catchy, Indie rhythm alongside her themes of environmentalism and existential crisis. The song bounces, fusing elements of Indie Pop and a dreamy style with slight Indie Rock.

The single has an Alanis Morissette twinge, adding an extra string to her Indie bow. It plays like a track by an accomplished artist despite Bo's relative youth. She has a canny ability of creating great hooks and this single is no different. “I’m a good, good kid. I’m not meant to change the world” is undeniably catchy and refuses to slip your mind.

The single is unique and shows elements of experimentation from Bo through the cleverly mixed sounds while still carrying an intangible innocence.

‘Good Kid’ might’ve been an early year release, but the song creates a beautiful feeling of the warmer months. It’s a song you can imagine blasting out on your speaker while baked in the hot August sun. Bo Milli is an emerging name in the Indie Scandi scene and with songs like this her star will shine brighter and brighter in 2023.


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