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Discover the punchy Indie newcomer Daz Cadwallander and his new single 'Do I Wanna Leave'!

He may have left it late in the year but the exciting new Indie songwriter Daz Cadwallander has just released one of the punchiest, most promising singles from emerging an act this year! He has been backed by a host of tastemakers including BBC and Radio X and his new single 'Do I Wanna Leave' proves just why!

The drum beat that opens the track instantly kicks things off with a powerful stomp, setting the punchy tone for the rest of the track. The riff has a slick Rock swagger which is infectious too, yet it is the chorus that really grabs your attention.

The vocal lines have the confidence and command of the performative Rock greats as well as the melodic finesse of modern Indie. When Daz's vocals push to their highest reaches they really do soar, making for an emotive, passionate impact, backed by swooping backing melodies.

The fire and flair of the instrumental section in the latter stages is a final reminder of the attitude and intensity that runs throughout the track before one last chorus brings the song to a close with an appropriate drama. Daz is definitely one to watch in 2024.


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