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Discover the new vibrant, eclectic sounds of Cosmorat with their new single 'Backseat Baby'!

Meeting in college, Taylor Pollock and Olly Liu decided to combine their shared love for the soul of retro, Blues sounds and lyric nature of modern electronic production and create their own project, Cosmorat, adding Lorenzo Burgio and Chloe Mercadal-Gray into the line up for good measure.

The quartet have just released their new single ‘Backseat Baby’ which instantly demonstrates their love for melding genres and using a range of twisted samples and beats to create a vibrant indie-pop gem. Opening with a sample that rings of the one in Gorillaz’ ‘Clint Eastwood’ the track then abruptly jumps into a series of angsty instrumental stabs and a screeching vocal line that makes you think that a blistering punk track is about to ensue.

However, the song then slips into a super slick, funky rhythm with a gentle yet swagger-filled vocal flow that has hip-hop and Pop influences to it. These angsty stabs become a repeated occurrence, often snapping you out of your lucid groove state into a rude awakening that reminds you that these guys can bite!

The instrumentation is wonderfully layered, driven by a dense, dancey beat but flavoured by a slew of electronic textures and backing samples. The final last few moments of the song are especially anthemic as the production ramps up the punch of every element for a big finale.

This debut showcases both their vocal talents and skills in arrangement as they seamlessly combine a range of modern sonic influences into an appealingly varied and artistic sound piece that has its fair share of addictive melodies. Look out for more from these guys!

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