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Discover the new Manchester Indie outfit Millie Milner & The Deadnames!

Brand new Manchester quartet Millie Milner & The Deadnames have recently grabbed our attention with their fantastic new single ‘2 big 4 ur boots’.

What instantly strikes you is the wonderful blend of guitars. the crunchy riff gives the song an instant bite while the brighter lead guitar pierces through the rest of the instrumentals to offer a winding Indie melody that will take you along for the ride.

Lead singer Edi's vocals have a warmth that exudes a confident maturity beyond their years and the down to earth, Kate Nash / Lily Allen esc storytelling immediately captivates your attention.

The chorus has a lovely blend of power and melody, with the vocals carrying a really rich and full-bodied tone and delivering the catchy lines with a smooth finesse comparable to Crawlers. A lot of the track have a cool, understated swagger but the best moments come when the sound is most expressive with layered vocal lines and a big Indie instrumental sound bringing together a wonderful finale.

Definitely an act to keep your eye on!


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