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Discover the moody Alt Rock soundscapes of WØLFFE!

The new single from Alt Rock songwriter WØLFFE instantly caught our attention thanks to its immediately captivating moody tension. The deep guitar strums ring of modern Post Punk revivalists such as Fontaines D.C. but then the vocals bring a more Alternative swagger, caressing each word with a slightly eery, Blondshell esc confidence and creating a slick rhythmic flow that earworms its way into your brain.

The chorus has a really dark atmosphere that is bursting full of tension and a moonlight cool, reflective of the subject matter. The melody is beautifully hypnotic and the lyricism has a tempting gothic undertone that builds up this contrast of semantics between the dark and the light with moody soundscapes brightened by wonderful melodies.

The song is a slow burner, developing slowly, teasing you with this sonic tension for a good two minutes before the drums crash in and the track really lifts off into a dense Alt Rock explosion, still with a moody finesse but now with a bigger, more expressive sound. The vocals soar, adding to the intensity of the crescendo. Yet, the final few moments return to an intimate atmosphere, leaving you back where you started but craving more!

This track is the first from their upcoming debut EP so keep your eyes peeled for more!


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