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Discover the lucid lo-fi Indie of Ski Lift & their new single 'Double Yellow'!

What began as the writing and recording project of Welsh songwriter, Benji Tranter, has now transformed into a wonderfully atmospheric lo-fi Indie trio, Ski Lift.

Their debut single of 2024, 'Double Yellow' is a beautifully lucid track filled with slacker vibes as well as punchier chorus'. Opening with a loose, jangly pairing of acoustic and electric guitar, this laid-back, unrefined rhythm allows for the haunting vocals to create a bittersweet melody that is melancholic yet strangely catchy.

The impassioned guitar line then pierces this placid bubble and kicks in the chorus with a great impact. The tones remain warm, lo-fi and punchy but the intensity is brought up a notch with big instrumental stabs creating an anthemic feeling.

The tone of the vocals and the bright guitar matches up perfectly, really hitting home those melodic lines. It's not often you can get such a seamless blend of lazy sunday dreaming and punchy garage rehearsals in one track!


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