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Discover the lucid Dream Pop Shoegaze of Holding Hour!

Iowa based Shoegaze duo Holding Hour hold a special talent for balancing the hypnotising, hazy soundscapes of Shoegaze while captivating your attention with the angelic melodies of Dream Pop.

This talent is perfectly showcased on their latest single ‘Come Undone’ which dances this aesthetic line. Beginning with a softly rolling snare pattern and deeply toned guitar texture that immediately create an immersive and warming sound, the vocal tones then bring an unexpected brightness and melody to the mix. There’s a heartache within them which contributes to the darker, melancholic feel of the track yet there’s also a blissful hopefulness battling to shine through. This emotive contrast is really intriguing.

Often, Shoegaze tracks can have a very monotonous groove as they attempt to really focus on the hypnotic dynamic however, this track is constantly keeping you on your toes thanks to the winding guitar lines that bend and weave, switching textures and tones to build a range of emotions within the song. The drums too always have a flair and energy to them that is not so common in the genre but it really helps to keep the song bubbling with excitement.

If you love the dreamy, hazy feel of Shoegaze but wish that there was more vibrancy and that the melodies shine through brighter then this is the perfect track for you! 


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