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Discover the infectious Pop Punk/Indie twist of Good Kid

All it takes is a quick tour of their Spotify page, taking in the bright yellow, happy press shots that feature strange dandling gaming controllers and their tongue-in-cheek, slightly bizarre bio, to get a taste of Indie quintet Good Kid's attitude. They have a quirky, art-infused Indie/Pop-Punk blend that is reminiscent of Weezer at times and have become one of the standout guitar bands in North America.

They closed 2022 with a bright, rolling, Strokes esc track packed with energy and radiating a feel-good Summer energy. The perpetual, bouncing drum rhythm keeps your feet moving from start to finish while the crisp guitar lines and undeniably catchy chorus linger on in the mind! They have now followed this up with their new single 'First Rate Town' which brings out their more Pop-Punk side. The thickly accented vocals are reminiscent of the early 00s while the overlapping guitar lines instantly bring to mind care free pool parties shot on VHS. It's a short, sweet burst of coming-of-age nostalgia that will bring back all the best memories!


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