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Discover the infectious new Pop Rock trio OPEN ARMS!

Walsall trio OPEN ARMS make perhaps the catchiest brand of Rock that you will come by! Their wonderfully layered vocal styles have an anthemic power and melodic finesse that makes their chorus' undeniably infectious!

Their new EP 'Kick The Habit' is a fantastic showcase for this joyous, punchy sound they produce. The standout single from the 5-track collection is 'Mr Okay', a song that leads with a relatively gritty and tension-building guitar riff yet layering more Pop oriented melodic sounds on top to create a wonderfully slick blend.

A fun, bouncing Indie sound mixed with charming lyrics of youthful romance and companionship make for a very uplifting atmosphere but it is the vocal lines that really lift this track off! By combining multiple vocal tracks from different band members together they create an audible camaraderie and a really happy energy, especially in the infectious chorus. Meanwhile, the heavier Rock undercurrents provide that energetic punch.

A great new Pop Rock anthem!


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