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Discover the Indie newcomers The Mucks and their new single 'I Don't!

One of our favourite new indie discoveries is the debut single (excluding their demo) from The Mucks, ‘I Don’t’. There’s loads of things to love about their sound; catchy melodies, passionate guitar lines and energetic instrumental sections that will work perfectly in the live setting.

However, what is most striking about the single is the wonderful vocal blend. From the very first moments you can tell that the lead vocal line has a raw emotion to it that keeps you hooked throughout, yet the chorus leans into a more melodic tone, combining multiple vocal tracks for a super smooth harmony of bittersweet melody.

This creates a rich and powerful chorus line that begs to be sang back! It is nice to great vocals lying at the centre of a band’s music, as that is something that will never fade. They only have one official track to their name but keep an eye out for much more from The Mucks in the next few months.


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