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Discover the immersive Grunge Pop of Lucy McWilliams!

If you're looking for a new artist whose music you can get lost in then look no further than Irish singer-songwriter Lucy McWilliams. Her latest single 'Plastic' is a truly immersive experience that will stir up all kinds of emotions within you.

The track opens with a dreamy, ethereal soundscape that blends echoed electronics and swooping strings with Lucy's lucid vocal lines reminscent of a Lana Del Rey track. However, a much denser and gritty sonic texture then arrives with pounding drums and a crunchy guitar tone that really fills out the sound. This dark, Grunge energy wonderfully contrasts the crisp, melodic vocals.

The chorus melody has a bittersweet edge to it, producing a really catchy sound that sparkles with a hint of meloncholia. The Arctic Monkeys esc guitar solo towards the end perfectly captures this bittersweet tone too, caressing you with a rich melodic flow.

Lucy's unique brand of Grunge Pop on 'Plastic' is encapsulating and has made us so excited for what is to come next.

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