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Discover the hypnotic Indie of Krooked Kings!

The glossy veneer placed upon Krooked Kings' Indie Pop songwriter makes for an extremely serene and soothing melodic experience! Following their album 'All Out Of Good Days', released earlier this year, the band are not slowing down and have subsequently released two more singles!

The first of which, 'Headhunters' leads with a rolling guitar line that weaves subtle Grunge Pop melodies throughout the track. The drums have a big energy yet their tone is muted, producing this wonderfully soft, dream-like danceable quality. The spaced-out synths in the chorus add to this spacey feel and give the track a wonderful ethereal quality. This blend of sharp Indie melody and soft tonal textures makes for a beautifully hypnotic sound.

Their latest single 'On Again, Off Again' also has this hypnotic sound. The vocals in the verses have a sombre melody to them, never bursting the soothing bubble. Yet, in the chorus they do reach higher and offer a bright, soaring style that makes the song stick in your head!

These guys have a fantastic ability to produce earworming Indie that is soft in tone yet melodically addictive and filled with swelling emotions.


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