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Discover the gritty Garage Rock of Sugar Pit!

The naturally rich vocals of Sugar Pit are instantly engaging on their new single ‘Why I Come Back Home’. Matched by a thick acoustic strum that is almost percussive because of its heavy hitting sound, you are immediately set up for an anthemic track to ensue. The remainder of the single doesn’t disappoint. As the Garage Rock instrumentals open up a dense wall of angsty sound forms; hi-hat open to squeeze the maximum level of noise out of each hit and plenty of distorted guitar lines wind and weave in the backdrop.

Simplistic at its heart, the track builds a solid groove that rings of Indie ramblers such as Courtney Barnet or Kurt Vile. However this groove is supercharged by the built up production, gritty guitar stabs and raw passion of the vocals. Yet it is not merely all style and no substance as the backing vocals provide an earworming melody while the lead vocals explore the reaches of their expressive limits to combine aggression with harmony in a beautiful sonic blend!

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