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Discover the funky, electro-infused Indie mixtape from Walter The Producer!

Any fans of Tame Impala looking for some new sounds need look no further as Walter The Producer has all you're after! Slick Indie beats combine with lucid vocal lines and webs of dreamy guitar tones to create a sound that you can find yourself getting lost in. His new album 'No Substance Mixtape' was released last month and is a fantastic showcase of what he has to offer.

The opening two tracks on the mixtape, ‘Both Of Us’ and ‘Since September’ are the most Tame Impala esc, both in rhythm and tone. They create a transcendent swirling atmosphere that instantly immerses you in the album and showcases the production skills that have earned Walter his monicker. Tracks like ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Rehash’ lean more into Steve Lacy and Mac Demarco territory, still offering some lucid guitar tones but focusing more on the slick Hip Hop influenced beat and delivering the vocals more directly, with more passion, angst and heart.

‘Sweet Bonita’ is a standout thanks to its captivating percussive rhythm that is superbly executed. Piano lines dance around the beat and Walter delivers his most poignant vocal performance on the album. This track really showcases his songwriting quality as the instrumentation is wonderfully emotive as well as vibrant and the vocals show a wide range of tones. Ending with an appealing unusual guitar line, this is a fantastic example of his talent!

There’s so many different vibes and sonic textures to enjoy on this album so dive in and explore!


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