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Discover the dark Punk-Rock atmospheres of The Bloodstreams and their new single 'Jagged Teeth'!

There is a dense, grimey intensity that emerges from the new single by South East London quartet The Bloodstreams. The Post-Punk/Alt-Rock outfit love transporting listeners into a sinister underworld that is full of angst and tension, yet also bursting with an enticing excitement.

Their new single 'Jagged Teeth' is a cacophonous experience filled with huge brass lines and a scrappy energy that creates an Acid Punk outburst similar to Opus Kink. A bounding floor tom beat drives the rhythm of the track, instantly created a deep and earthy tone. The vocals then arrive with an erratic aggression, injecting a wild fury into the mix.

The groove hooks you from start to finish yet what really leaves a lasting mark is the theatrical chaos. The brass lines ooze with drama and make you feel like you're caught up in a gothic spaghetti western nightmare.

The instrumentals are visceral and the vocals are straight to the vein. We urge you to discover their sound but warn you that once you do, you may not be able to escape.


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