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Discover the Canadian Indie Rock queen JEEN and her new single 'Just Shadows'!

One of our favourite newcomers from the Canadian Indie scene is the nostalgia-tinged solo songwriter JEEN. Her music is filled with infectious hooks and a beautifully vintage tone. Her new single 'Just Shadows' is an instantly earworming hit that radiates a feel-good, coming-of-age energy and is the perfect summer soundtrack.

These vintage tones are at play once again as the wonderfully fuzzy drum textures combine with her slack-jawed, angsty melodies for a sound that is undeniably catchy. The track is created with melodic finesse in mind yet but it is dipped in a scrappy Garage Rock energy that injects the catchy sound with intensity and grit giving it that lovely added bite to get everyone moshing. This would be a perfect song for a packed out live setting so keep your eyes peeled for any live date announcements.

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