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Discover the bold Punk attack of Doss on the new single ‘King Of The Castle’!

‘King Of The Castle’ is a dense Punk attack delivered with a growling Scottish twang and unforgiving, cocksure attitude. This latest single from Doss is a brash announcement of self-assuredness that will make you want to strut into your boss’s office and tell them to stick the job where the sun don’t shine. 

The majority of the track is based of a thumping drum line and grumbling guitar line that make your feet stomp and ooze with a Rock swagger. There is definite melody in there though; there are constant little flicks and stabs from the instrumentals that pepper the sound with flavour while the guitar line drives a strong hook to keep you humming along while the bold lyricism is spat out.

However the peak of the track comes towards the end when it erupts into a thrashing, bouncy Dance-Punk explosion that will have mosh pits spinning. The track has the drama of VLURE, the self aware aggression of IDLES and unapologetic nature of Shame, what’s not to love!


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