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Discover the atmospheric Indie sounds of Irish Indie outfit The Capris!

The new single ‘No Valve’ from Irish Indie newcomers, begins with a moody bass-driven sound creating a swirling Fontaines D.C. style atmosphere. Yet the raspy, King Of Leon esc vocals soon kick in, injecting each line with a raw passion and purpose.

The jangly Indie rhythm that proceeds is constantly flooded with meaning and depth thanks to the constant emotion that pours from these powerful vocal tones. It has a steady opening that showcases the band’s skills at arrangement and tone, creating a really immersive atmosphere. However, the song really comes alive in the final minute with a wonderfully captivating build up.

The drums between to quicken and the tension packed in the vocals begins to simmer before the track bursts into a high octane finale perfect for an indie mosh pit. A fun drum beat with an infectious intensity and inventive flow combines with the thick bass lines for set-ending sound.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from these in 2024!


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