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Discover the anthemic Welsh outfit Public Order!

Right from the very first seconds of 'Hello', the new single from Welsh outfit Public Order, you can tell that the track is going to carry a drama to it that sets it apart from your average Indie hit.

The deep electro hum. tension-filled bass line and lamenting vocal tone create an atmospheric sound that is ready to burst. When, the background instrumentals drop out, leaving just a Grunge Pop riff and the emotive vocals, you may think that the pre-built tension has faded. Yet, an overwhelming swathe of fuzzy electro textures then floods the scene, combined with a pounding bass drum which snaps you awake.

The chorus of this track blends these big electronic textures with a Grunge Pop guitar riff and Brit Pop anthemia with a slight Alt vocal tinge. This brings power, energy, emotion and melody together in a wonderfully symphony.


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