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Discover the anthemic 80's synth sounds of Paradise Walk!

If you want a slice of 1975 esc, 80's tinged Indie Pop then the new single 'Fix Your Heart', the new single from Paradise Walk is for you!

From the very first seconds you can tell how vibrant and fun the track is going to be; huge synth textures, pounding drums and a funky Disco guitar riff spark an expressive sound full of joy. The production on the vocals and drums gives them an echoed effect that enhances that retro style.

The chorus melodies are slick and undeniably catchy, landing with definite Pop sensibilities and a huge energy. The instrumentals are densely layered so that the bigger moments have an immersive, soaring quality and completely lose you in their sound.

A certified Indie-Synth anthem that indulges in the drama and theatrical impact of 80s hits.


BOOT FEST - 45 (1).png
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