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Discover South Africa's infectious Garage Rock outfit Jol and their new single 'Mother, Please'!

We can't overplay the joy that came across when we stumbled across one of South Africa's most exciting new talents, Jol. Combining retro Punk influences with more modern Garage Rock / Indie energy reminiscent of Cage The Elephant, they manage to create a sound that is both fun-filled and oozing with angst. It is intentionally scrappy in places yet refined enough to deliver some catchy chorus lines that will stick in your head!

The scratchy opening riff soon breaks into an in-your-face rhythm that rings of the free-spirited of 00s Indie yet the chorus of vocal calls that overlap and unite at different times has a more quality that makes you feel like you're at a sweaty basement gig, face to face with the band. There is so much infectious guitar work, high-octane energy unrelenting percussive intensity yet there is room for smooth vocal harmonies in the background and some undeniably commercial and catchy melodies that make the so memorable. Jol manage to offer the best of both worlds in this loveable hit!


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