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Discover Scouse Indie newcomers Aubvrn!

Scouse newcomers Aubvrn have recently returned with their new single ‘Alternate Pasts’, a hugely atmospheric track that you can become immersed in. 

Swirling layers of guitars and synths create a really dense texture of sound in the biggest moments which have a lucid flow yet powerful impact. 

The verses have a more hazy, dream-like quality with spaced out vocal lines that ring a little of fellow Liverpudlians Monks.

The chorus still possesses a dreamy feel but the vocal melodies are more distinct and the lead guitar line creeps in nicely to provide a more concrete and memorable melodic pattern in among the spacey atmosphere.

Whether you view it as a stoner’s paradise or a soothing sonic whirlpool, the thick, tangled soundscapes truly lure you in! 

A wonderfully layered and thought out single.


BOOT FEST - 45 (1).png
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