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Discover the unfiltered Indie grooves of Sasha Asaad!

With hints of Courtney Barnett, Pip Blom and Wet Leg, Sasha Asaad is one of the most exciting new solo acts in the UK right now. Her music has an unfiltered, raw edge to it that instantly hooks you with its level of unpredictability and appealingly unrefined energy that gives an added swagger to the sound.

Her last release ‘Imagine Mary’ caught our attention thanks to its quirky style. It leads with a thick bass groove that drives a moody, insular rhythm allowing her vocals to take centre stage. Tonally they have an angsty aura yet the delivery remains reserved as if Sasha is holding back like a coiled spring ready to burst open. Then, in the chorus, we get this burst of energy that the verses promised. The song explodes into a bright Indie banger, still with the beautifully down to earth and unfiltered aesthetic but with an added melody that is undeniably catchy.

Now, she has followed this up with 'Cherry Cola', an understated Indie track with a carefree, bouncy rhythm and playful chorus. However, there is a more contemplative and poignant feeling under the surface that shines through in the sentimental pre chorus. The Alternative guitar tones and live sounding drums give the track an unfiltered vibe yet again, stripping the sound to its bare bones and making Sasha's performance and lyrical sentiments more authentic as a result.

All the sonic textures in her music have a warm, muted quality that draws the Courtney Barnett comparison as they create this fantastically nuanced atmosphere that conveys Sasha’s personality in audible.

Sasha is one of our favourite discoveries this year and is definitely one to watch! 


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