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Discover Really Good Time, the next hit-makers on the Irish Post-Punk wave!

Judging by its title 'Mountain Of Spit', you can imagine the grimey, sour taste of Really Good Time's new single. These tones certainly are present at moments however, this track is perhaps more thoughtful than you may first think.

Following in the footsteps of The Murder Capital, The Clockworks and Fontaines D.C, Really Good Time have a knack for creating tracks that are both furiously raw and in-your-face while being poetic and considered. Their latest release 'Mountain Of Spit' begins with a tension building beat, a subtle, tight guitar line and wonderfully rich vocal lines filled with grandeur before the drums and riff really kick in to show the true colours of the track.

Dirty, Queens Of The Stone Age esc riffs and expressive vocal calls make for a mosh-worthy Post-Punk explosion in the biggest moments. Yet, what makes the track stand out is clever instrumental additions such as the sharp stabs after the chorus that act like a menacing siren and the brighter, more jittery, guitar line that floods under the finale, bringing a vibrant injection to the sonic pallet reminiscent of Youth Sector.

There's so much energy, angst and excitement in this track that you can't help but listen again and again - certainly the next big Irish Post-Punk purveyors.


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