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Discover Manchester's sparky Indie newcomers MR. FISH!

One of our favourite North-West newcomers that burst onto the Indie scene last year was MR. FISH who released two sparky singles that combined a free-spirited 00s energy and a trademark mancunian swagger. The most recent of which was 'Anything But', a song laced with a jangly nostalgic air and sparkling synth textures that create a bright and vibrant groove that will get you dancing.

The almost spoken-word esc vocal delivery has a quiet confidence and understated flow that focus more on attitude and atmosphere rather than empty melodies. However the melodic flow is still a catchy one that becomes more and more hypnotic as the lines are repeated.

These vocal tones are warm and resonant, allowing for the brighter backing calls, synths and moments of guitar flair to really pop through the sound and shine! The song then peaks in the last 30 seconds or so as multiple earworming vocal lines overlap, tangling their melodies together and leaving your ears spoilt for choice as multiple sounds compete for your attention.

This single demonstrates a really clever knack for arrangement and tone and shows the band's more maturity. Although they have gone a bit quiet on socials since this release we hope there's more to come in 2024.


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