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Discover Manchester's new anthemic rockers BÖHMEN!

Alternative/rock band, BÖHMEN, released their debut single after a long anticipated wait from their fans. Titled 'Ride or Die', the song marks their entrance into Manchester’s electric music scene.

The track is a captivating piece of Indie-Rock that delves into the band’s deepest inspirations, distinguished by powerful vocals, hard-hitting guitar riffs and raw emotional energy.

They have used innovative and hypnotising words & melodies to grasp the essence of human connection and the desire for unwavering support with lyrics such as: “You can always count on me, to come and fall at your knees” & “All those feelings that I had I never figured out”.

The song was released back in July and has already gained over 20,000 Spotify streams.

The band chose their name, BÖHMEN, from a translation of the word 'Bohemia', which is a place where people with similar interests come together. The band strongly believe that the audience and the artist are one, where "like-minded people come together for the pure love of music".

They have since followed this track up with another powerful anthem 'Lana' and with these two tracks it is clear that BÖHMEN have true potential.

Words by Kayleigh Cantrell


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