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  • Saba Khorassani

Discover canadian Skate Punks NOBRO and their rebellious sound on 'Who The Hell Am I?'

Canadian outfit NOBRO are an exciting addition to the new-age Punk scene. Their sound is charged with angst and rebellion, raging “against life’s restrictive pressures”. Reminiscent of early Avril Levine, the quartet offer a ­­­clever fusion of punchy instrumentals and fierce vocals.

Laced with anthemic dynamism, NOBRO’s new single 'Who The Hell Am I?' reflects on identity and belonging, urging the listener to confront these same questions. The lyrics, somewhat melancholy in their meaning, provide an interesting antithesis to the aural effervescence and energy. 'Who The Hell Am I?' has little build up or anticipation. It begins instead by immediately immersing the listener in the pounding of drums and the expertly strummed electric guitar combined with powerful vocals: the sonic equivalent to jumping into the deep end.

Since the band’s formation in 2014, they have been singing of “the ecstatic pursuit of personal escape and liberation” in a modern world, and 'Who The Hell Am I?' is no exception. The song promises nothing of utopian escapism. Rather, it deals with real-life struggles, giving their opus a raw and truthful appeal listeners do doubt will be drawn to.

NOBRO are making strides in the music scene, having opened for Blink-182 earlier this year and just released their new album, these guys are ones to watch out for!


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