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Discover Australia's euphoric Indie newcomers SPACE&AGES!

Need something to cure these autumnal blues and give your spirit a lift as the months get colder? Then look no further than Aussie Indie newcomers SPACE&AGES who have arrived in 2023 with two electrifying singles that will inject you with a much needed dose of sonic euphoria.

Their first release 'High For Free' is a gritty, Indie Rock ramble full of sharp guitar tones and plenty of flair. The track switches between a swagger-filled groove that is stripped back yet full of an irresistible tension and moments of expressive energy with catchy chorus lines and infectious, scrappy energy that rings of mid-00s Indie giants such as Jet, The Fratellis and The Kooks.

Their latest track 'Trial & Error' is a lighter and brighter hit, still filled with an insatiable youthful energy but the melodies are more sunny and the vocals are delivered with a cleaner finesse that gives the track a more modern and fresh sound than the previous single. The crashing power of the drums in the chorus is all-encompassing and would make this track hit hard in the live environment while the crisp guitar tones cut through the noise with a piercing melody and add an extra layer of catchy Indie joy, leaving room for some virtuoso playing towards the end too.

If these two tracks are anything to go by then SPACE&AGES are soon to become one of Australia's most exciting new bands.


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